Will Trump’s rejection of #bigdata do long term damage to the GOP?

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US Political parties wrote the book on using Big Data in mid-term and general elections. Going back all the way to Barry Goldwater‘s innovative (but ultimately unsuccessful) campaign for president in 1964 where Direct Mail was used to communicate to a GOP generated list of 27 million conservative American voters …


Is Instagram Native Advertising?

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As Native Advertising continues to grow at a furious rate globally, one discussion that has started on the Native Advertising Group on LinkedIn, is whether we can consider Instagram as a Native Advertising platform. For me, I would say it absolutely is, on so many levels. Disagree? Have your say, …


Five Enterprise Level Social Media Analytics Companies

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We continue to publish vast amounts of content to Social Media networks both as consumers, publishers and agencies. The concepts of “Liking & Sharing” are now deeply embedded in Western Culture, and there will be no let up anytime soon in the growth curve for digital content being uploaded and …