Rose of Tralee (Dublin) Launched

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The launch of the Rose of Tralee (Dublin) took place at Croke Park Stadium in Dublin on Friday February 10th and marks the official starting point for a regional entertainment festival that consists of 5-6 events, starting in January and concluding in August on an annual basis.

This is the second year that veteran journalist and media personality Marty Morrissey from RTE has being the lead host.

The full launch article can be seen here.

Content Surgeons provide Marketing, Communications and Event Management services to the Rose of Tralee (Dublin) organisation.

Trump’s rejection of big data

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US Political parties wrote the book on using Big Data in mid-term and general elections. Going back all the way to Barry Goldwater‘s innovative (but ultimately unsuccessful) campaign for president in 1964 where Direct Mail was used to communicate to a GOP generated list of 27 million conservative American voters all the way up to Barack Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012 where his campaign hired 342 Data Specialists (against Mitt Romney’s 87), Data has consistently gained in popularity and usage with those who want to connect to the nation’s voters.

Until now, it seems.

Data focused blog FiveThirtyEight has written on Donald Trump’s apparent disinterest of Big Data in his campaign. Instead it is claimed that it his intent to use the force of his personality and ability to capture media air time organically as an alternative to giving the nerd’s their own floor at Trump Tower.

Opening the article referencing the idea that “Data does not win elections, candidates do“, their overall point is that while Donald J. Trump may indeed not need Big Data to either win or make a big impact in the general election this time round, ultimately it will be his party that will suffer in the long term by loosing out on the opportunity of collecting and analyzing fresh data on the US voting public in November to enable them to better compete with the major data driven machine that is the Democratic National Committee. After all, it is said that Hillary Clinton has assembled a Data team three times bigger than what Barack Obama had in 2012, so it will be interesting to see how a staff of almost a thousand data people for Hillary will face off against the seemingly TWO person Data team of The Donald.

Spreadsheets at dawn, and all that.

(Read the article here)