Founder’s Story

This journey started for me in 2007 when I took the decision to go fully  into business for myself. At the time I was transitioning from a weakening global telecoms sector into IT, but knew that the time was approaching when I would need to take the leap into full self-employment. It was something I promised myself I would do many years previous. 

The desire to work for myself has being with me for as far back as I can remember, with the first taste of earning my own money coming when I was twelve years old, working as a Painter-Decorator in my home town during school holidays. Working hard, controlling my own time and materials, taking a client brief, delivering and getting paid for that was just the best feeling. Taking the money to the bank and watching it grow was also a great buzz and one I remember vividly when I think back to that early stage of my life. I guess I was lucky that I still lived at home with my parents, requiring me NOT to have to pay rent or a mortgage on a monthly basis. And the maintenance and “fuel” costs of running my bike were a lot less that that of owning and maintaining a car. Add to that the addition of two children and the desire is to lament for the simpler, youthful existence is strong 🙂

As we grow older, things really do get a lot more complicated. Life does it’s best to throw every conceivable challenge your way. And while I have has as many life challenges as I have had hot dinner’s, the one thing I am proud of is that I have never given up on my dream and my desire to be as successful in the Creative and Professional Service Industries as I was in the Painting and Decorating ones!

This website is dedicated to all the people (alive and deceased) who have helped me throughout all stages of my life and in particular since I started this journey. They helped to believe that one should, no matter what the circumstances,

Never, never, never give up.Winston Churchill

About Content Surgeons

We’ve all come a long way, but we’re really just getting started. The internet is only 25 years old. Trust us, the most exciting developments, and your very best years, are still to come.

The next generation will work in jobs and industries that have not yet even been invented or conceived. It’s an outstandingly interesting, exciting and terrifying world to live in. We, like you, are navigating it as best we can. There are few things these days that are certain, yet some of the oldest ideas are more relevant than ever. Vision, Teamwork, Courage, a Positive Outlook, amongst others, help us all to gain the attention and retain the trust and respect of the people we need to connect with.

Content Surgeons is a commercially focused Consulting and Services company operating within the Digital space in markets that include The United States, The United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe.

We bring our clients knowledge, capability, technology and an intense desire to help your organisation grow and reach it’s goals. Since 2007, we have completed over 150 projects in industries that include News & Media, Entertainment, Engineering & IT, Marketing, Healthcare and more.

We offer build, marketing & measurement services, which assist us in our primary goal of helping our clients turn more revenue from their digital assets.

We’re mobile

Business is increasingly mobile and increasingly fragmented over multiple geographic & demographic locations. We’ve dispensed with the usual trappings of office culture and adopted what John terms an “extreme lean” company set up.

This means we normally need no more than our laptops, ourselves and an internet connection to deliver our work. We’re could be working on your website right now from a seat in a train, plane or coffee shop.

Less really is more

We intend to remain a relatively small, boutique style service. We do not chase large volumes of clients, in a “rack em and stack em” fashion. What is a million times more important are our clients, the people themselves, and how we can best help them achieve their goals.

No matter how large or small our type of engagement is, we consider the relationships we build and the associated long term value they create as the most part of our client relationships.

We’re international

Since his first forays into doing jobs for reward, as a teenager painting & decorating for old ladies in Ireland, John’s ambition has been to build an Internationally focused Consulting and Services company.

Starting from a tiny base in 2007, we are now delivering services and sourcing suppliers from within the US, the United Kingdom & Ireland and Mainland Europe.

We deliver

So far we have delivered over 80 projects, spanning areas that include Website Development, Search Engine Marketing, Content Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Video & Podcast Creation, Graphic Design, Event Management and more.

Nothing in this world can substitute for experience and now in our eight year, we feel we have enough to earn our place at the table and deliver for our clients.


Our Services cover Marketing, IT and Business Development solutions for the following industries:

  • Retail
  • SME
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Politics
  • Hospitality

Client Engagement Model

Our focus is to align our services to those of our clients and their particular needs. Our services are comprised of a four layer model which we use to describe the different ways in which we can work with your organisation from a service delivery perspective.

1. Strategy

To us, all Marketing or IT Activities need to be thought of in the context of the overall business strategy of the organisation. At this level we work with senior management to develop processes and strategies with the aim of creating a coherent plan that will map Marketing and IT initiatives into the underlying Business Objectives of the organisation.

Typical outputs are: Vision & Strategy Documents, Marketing Strategy and IT Strategy Documents, etc

2. Alignment

Once a clear plan is in place regarding Marketing & IT Stategy, we will work with your organisation to implement specific objectives. This would normally take the form of producing Offline and Online Marketing plans, IT implementation plans, etc

Typical outputs are: Website Marketing plan, Video Marketing Plan, Social Media Marketing plan, etc

3. Execution

Once clear plans are in place, we can move to utilising our skills in areas such as:

  • Website Development
  • Online Marketing
  • Video Production
  • IT Services

Typical Outputs are: Website delivery, Video Production, Marketing Campaign Delivery, IT Services delivery

4. Asset Management

This level of our model is where we use our skills to manage the various assets that we have created. This includes multi-media asset management (Video assets, Photo assets, Graphic Assets, Audio assets, etc) in addition to digital infrastructure assets such as website code files, etc.

Typical Outputs are: Video usage reports, website analytics reports, etc.